HUMAN PORTRAITURE by Raffaello C. Romanelli

It is a charming experience to be portrayed, posing in an inspiring environment. The client will participate in the creation of a piece of art. In fact, the presence of the live subject is important in order for the sculptor to reflect the individual’s personality in the artwork. The sculpting sessions take place in the studio or, in particular cases, the sculptor can travel to the location of the client. The duration of the entire modelling experience ranges from two to four days. Raffaello will then continue working on the sculpture on his own and the portrait will be finished in either plaster, bronze or marble, according to the client’s wish.

ANIMAL PORTRAITURE by Vincenzo Romanelli

Vincenzo Romanelli specialises in animal sculpture and travels on commissions to sculpt from life. He will then continue with any finer details in the gallery studio, where the piece will be prepared for casting in the chosen material (plaster or bronze).

Please contact us for further information. We will gladly arrange a sitting to fit your individual availability.